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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
  • strategy (insurance, health, investments, finances);
  • sustainable development (sales, employees, social responsibility, natural environment and ethics).
The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.
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List of GRIs

List of GRIs

Dialogue with the environment

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The PZU Group engages in dialogue with stakeholders in a regular and transparent manner through various channels of communication. The stakeholder map has been presented below with the stakeholders having been chosen on the basis of the extent of their involvement in the Group’s operations and their materiality from the viewpoint of the business model. This list does not cover the activities of the Pekao Group or Alior Bank where different approaches to external relations are in place.

Group stakeholders Approach taken to stakeholders’ involvement Degree of commitment Key issues and problems
  • annual/quarterly talks;
  • clear and measurable objectives to be achieved with a quarterly evaluation;
  • internal meetings;
  • internal portal / intranet;
  • newsletter;
  • boxes to clarify doubts;
  • chats, discussion forums;
  • trade unions;
  • internal publications;
  • information campaigns expanding knowledge about the organization;
  • engagement survey;
  • webinars with experts;
  • transmission of quarterly earnings meetings with Management Board members;
  • video materials shown in the Company’s head office;
  • whistleblowing system.
  • listening to employees’ opinions;
  • affording development opportunities to employees;
  • creating a satisfaction place of work;
  • building understanding for strategy execution and performance;
  • getting employees to participate in new initiatives;
  • striking a work-life balance and well-being initiatives;
  • health and prophylactic activities;
  • remote work.
  • branches, agents’ offices, health centers;
  • website;
  • internet portals and mojePZU, inPZU;
  • customer needs survey;
  • satisfaction surveys and opinion polls;
  • product campaigns;
  • participation in trade fairs, conferences and trade meetings;
  • Client Council;
  • financial and insurance education programs;
  • Client Ombudsman;
  • Health Ombudsman.
  • listening to clients’ opinions when designing business solutions;
  • creating transparent terms and conditions in proposals and agreements, including plain language;
  • offering high quality products and services aligned to clients’ needs
  • providing multiple access channels to products and services aligned to clients’ preferences;
  • incorporating climate issues when designing products.
  • meetings and negotiations with new and current suppliers;
  • procurement platform;
  • Code of CSR Best Practices for the PZU Group’s Suppliers;
  • audits of suppliers;
  • list of PZU’s Eligible Suppliers.
  • transparent rules for selecting and cooperating with suppliers;
  • supporting the Group’s strategy execution and access to innovation;
  • molding business standards – doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner;
  • advancing ethical procurement practices..
Investors and shareholders, analysts and rating agencies
  • constant cooperation between the Investor Relations department and stakeholders (institutional investors, retail investors, analysts and capital market organizations);
  • regular meetings (individual and group) during investor conferences, roadshows and in the company’s head office (physical and on-line);
  • meetings and conference calls with the Management Board;
  • shareholder meetings;
  • current reports;
  • quarterly financial reports,
  • tables and presentations of results, newsletters;
  • company’s website;
  • on-line annual report;
  • loyalty program for retail investors called My PZU Shares.
  • ensuring transparency and rapid access to information regarding the PZU Group;
  • building trust and value;
  • distribution of earnings to shareholders.
Business partners: agents and brokers
  • annual, monthly and regular meetings with agents;
  • satisfaction surveys and opinion polls;
  • internal communication portal for agents;
  • training and support programs in sales;
  • Elite Agent Club.
  • presentation of strategic plans;
  • addressing ongoing cooperation issues to ensure mutual benefits.
  • transparency of operation;
  • easy and rapid access to information regarding the PZU Group;
  • building insurance awareness;
  • enriching the level of knowledge about financial products.
  • transparency of operation;
  • easy and rapid access to information regarding the PZU Group;
  • building insurance awareness;
  • enriching the level of knowledge about financial products.
Local communities
  • execution of sponsorship and prevention projects;
  • supporting the development of communities;
  • encouraging employees to take part in social and environmental campaigns.
  • execution of sponsorship and prevention projects;
  • supporting the development of communities;
  • encouraging employees to take part in social and environmental campaigns.
Central administration and regulators (e.g. KNF, UOKiK, Warsaw Stock Exchange)
  • cooperation in debates and conferences; answering inquiries and incorporation of recommendations;
  • legislative cooperation with the Polish Insurance Association
  • ensuring observance of requirements and regulations;
  • supporting the creation of new standards on the market, including best practices.
Non-governmental organizations and public institutions
  • building partnerships and conducting a social diagnosis;
  • joint planning, project execution and evaluation;
  • involvement in initiatives and projects to advance sustainable development and corporate foundation standards;
  • organization of joint conferences and seminars – activities benefiting the third sector and academic communities;
  • sharing know-how (training).
  • implementation of educational and social programs promoting health, safety, social assistance, culture and protection of cultural heritage.

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Participation in associations and industry organizations

The PZU Group is engaged in the activity of numerous organizations and associations:

  • Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG) – a self-governing organization of issuers that represents the interests of the companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. PZU has been a member since 2010;
  • British Polish Chamber of Commerce – PZU has belonged to this business organization since 2016;
  • Polish Insurance Association (PIU) – a self-governing organization of insurance undertakings to which all the insurance undertakings operating on the market belong; membership is compulsory;
  • Insurance Indemnity Fund (IIF) - its members are domestic and foreign insurance companies that conduct insurance activity on the Polish market in the area of mandatory motor TPL insurance and mandatory TPL insurance for farmers, established in 1990;
  • European Financial Marketing Association (EFMA) – an organization consisting of retail financial institutions in Europe: banks and insurers, the largest organization of its type in Europe;
  • International Association of Agricultural Insurers – an international association to which the world’s leading insurers of agricultural production belong;
  • Polish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (PBUK) – an organization of insurance undertakings that do business in Poland, membership in PBUK is compulsory;
  • United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) – global partnership set up between the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the financial sector;
  • Geneva Association – an international insurance industry think tank;
  • The Heart Corporate Club – brings together companies that want to build strong competences in innovation;
  • Agreement for the Development of Offshore Wind Power in Poland and the Sector Agreement for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy - projects initiated by the Ministry of Climate and Environment;
  • In 2021 Bank Pekao joined the initiative known as the United Nations Global Compact, and in that manner it confirmed its readiness to act for the benefit of Agenda 2030 and incorporate the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact in its strategy while committing to embrace far-reaching objectives regarding social, economic and environment issues. Membership in the UN Global Compact means participating in the largest global platform of corporate sustainable development leaders who represent nearly every sector in the business community. PZU also plans to join this initiative in 2022.

Membership in the organizations listed above is of a strategic nature to PZU. The company supports the activities laid down in their articles of association and takes part in additional projects run by these institutions.

PZU has also been a signor of the Charter of Diversity since 1 July 2013. This is an international initiative to advance diversity and equal opportunity in employment regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, age, disability or religion.


Self-governing activities – strengthening protection for insurance market participants

The representatives of PZU and PZU Życie participate in the work of the committees, sub-committees and working groups of the Polish Insurance Association. Their tasks include conducting legislative activities that aim to protect and improve the conditions for the functioning of the insurance market. This work focuses on analyzing and opining on an ongoing basis draft legislation, preparing assumptions and agreeing on market practices.


Sustainable development

The PZU Group participates in dialogue on sustainable development and sustainable finance. A PZU representative chairs the Task Force on Sustainable Finance at the Polish Insurance Association (PIU). PZU also participates in the work of the Financial Market Development Council for Sustainable Finance and the Group for development of non-financial reporting at the Ministry of Finance. PZU also chairs the Natural Disaster Risk Management Team, one of whose tasks is to support the UKNF in defining climate change stress tests.