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Solidarity with Ukraine

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The PZU Group stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian nation and as the situation develops it is undertaking more aid efforts

On 24 February 2022 the armed forces of the Russian Federation launched an attack against Ukraine1. In the face of war and the declaration of martial law by Ukraine, the Ukrainian companies of the PZU Group implemented the appropriate crisis procedures prepared for such a circumstance. A crisis management team with the participation of management board members, senior managers and representatives of the Ukrainian subsidiaries was established in the Polish head office of PZU SA to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and make decisions on preventive measures and aid for Ukraine’s citizens.

Support for employees of companies in Ukraine

PZU is helping the families of employees of its companies in Ukraine. PZU is providing them with lodging, medical care, psychological support and means of sustenance after they arrive in Poland from Ukraine.

PZU’s products for refugees

PZU has initiated an unprecedented campaign in the insurance industry addressed to citizens of Ukraine who cross the Polish border without having compulsory motor insurance. The insurer is covering the cost of the premium for 30-day TPL policies for refugees. They are available from PZU agents who are on duty at border crossing points and by phone at 22 505 15 63 (this hotline is manned in Polish and Ukrainian).

Persons affected by the war in Ukraine can receive free-of-charge medical care in more than 50 PZU Zdrowie medical centers. PZU Zdrowie provides basic health care and specialist consultations, laboratory tests and diagnostic tests. All citizens of Ukraine who hold a certificate issued by the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland or a stamp from the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland in their travel documents confirming their legal stay in the Republic of Poland upon crossing the border after 24 February 2022 in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine can take advantage of this support.

The PZU Group is the operator of the First Contact Center Platform set up by the Ministry of Health, which also operates in the Ukrainian language ( It gives Ukrainian citizens arriving in Poland access to the professional assistance offered by the insurer’s consultants and physicians - during the night, on weekends and on holidays, i.e. after the working hours of basic health care centers.

Material assistance and support provided through employee initiatives

The PZU Group also supports the initiatives undertaken by employees. They can present their ideas to the PZU Foundation on how to help refugees from Ukraine and obtain financial or organizational support.


1 As of the date of publication of this report war is still being waged in Ukraine.